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The journal Biochar and Compost Technology, abbreviated as (BCT), is a peer-reviewed academic journal that covers multidisciplinary aspects of biochar, compost, and its applications. For the first time, a journal focused on biochar and compost will be launched in the Arab world and covers a wide range of topics, including agronomy, environmental sciences, and materials science. The journal is open access (OA), and it is entirely supported by The Department of Soils and Water, Faculty of Agriculture, New Valley University (Egypt), and the language of publications is English only. The journal aims to publish original research papers in the fields of preparation and processing of biochar and compost and their multifunctional applications, such as bioenergy production, biochar-based materials, advanced composting technologies, soil fertility improvement, climate change, agricultural productivity, and contamination control of soils and water. The frequency of publication in BCT is semiannual (at least 6 articles per volume).

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